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Can I get married on a Friday or a Sunday if the Saturday is already booked?
No. We pride ourselves at Willow Lane Barn to giving the entire weekend to the couple so they have ample time to set up, rehearse as well as clean up. We do not book more than one event a weekend.

Is there camping on site?
No. We do not allow camping on site. 

Is catering included in the price?

What is the maximum capacity?
225. This includes all vendors, guests and bridal party. 

Do you do mid-week weddings?
YES. Only on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. 

What is the deposit?
The deposit is $1000 and it is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Can I pay through PayPal?

No. We accept cheques, cash, money orders. We do not take credit cards. 

The contract states we need to be out by 1:00am, but is there any way we can stay a bit longer?
No. The county mandates our operating hours and everyone needs to be out with the doors locked by 1:00am -
no exceptions. 

Alcohol? What is allowed?
Anything pertaining alcohol is up to you - open, bar, toonie bar, you choose. You supply all alcohol as well as bar tenders. We require a liquor licence, Party and Alcohol Liability (PAL) Insurance as well as bar tenders who have pro-serve. 

Where can I get PAL Insurance?
Online or at any insurance agency. 

Does Willow Lane Barn supply glasses for the bar?
No. Water glasses are supplied on the table and they are removed after the meal. We do not supply glasses for the bar. 

Is the barn heated?
Yes. It has in floor heating. Winter weddings are very cozy in the barn. 

Are linens included?
If you book are a DIY Package - no, the linens are not included. If you are doing a Barn and Blooms packages - yes the linens are included.

How far are you from Olds?
We are 10 minutes from Olds (6 miles).

Do you have bathrooms?
We have beautiful indoor bathrooms for men and women with multiple stalls. No outhouses here! 

Do you have a kitchen?
We have a state of the art commercial kitchen with all the appliances necessary for catering a large crowd.                

What is the payment schedule?
Half of your balance is due 9 months prior to your event and the remaining balance and $2000 security deposit is due 3 months prior to your event. Late payments are subject to a penalty fee.      

Can I cancel?
Yes, but our cancellation policy in our contract will be enforced. Reminder that the $1000 deposit is non-refundable regardless of when you cancel or why you need to cancel.

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